Data Scientist

Job description

Quietly Insights helps content marketers focus on their strategy by measuring, analyzing, and summarizing data into actionable recommendations.  From content ideas to competitive intelligence, Quietly Insights delivers actionable recommendations straight to your inbox.

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, as a Data Scientist for Quietly, you will help the product team enhance the “brain” of Quietly Insights, our content marketing recommendations platform. We’ll rely on you to evaluate data from various marketing data sources to design and help implement a scalable model that provides insightful, actionable recommendations to our users.

Quietly will depend on your expertise to make data decisions and design / evaluate data experiments for this next-generation content recommendation engine. You’ll have the opportunity to design and enhance the existing model. We currently run a Node/React/MySQL stack, but are flexible and can accommodate whichever tools/environment work for you.

This is a full-time opportunity offering a competitive base salary, 3-weeks vacation, comprehensive benefits package, gym access, and working from our converted two-storey apartment-office in the heart of historic Gastown. If these values resonate, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Evaluate our existing approaches, data points, and database structure to provide feedback and improvements

  • Identify metrics that are predictive of high performance in content marketing and recommended best practices for data collection

  • Collect and clean data from various sources (web analytics, social analytics, CRM, etc.) to identify how these sources can integrate with one another to reveal factors related to content marketing and implement findings into a model for predicting content marketing success

  • Design, compare, test and implement machine learning models for making content marketing recommendations based on data input from various sources

  • Assist with setting up data collection infrastructure and data visualizations



  • You have a degree in data science, statistics, big data or something similar

  • You’re proficient in programming languages such as Python or R, and are familiar with the broad strokes of the various machine learning methods (k-nearest neighbors, random forests, etc.) in those languages.

  • You have experience in software development, data munging, natural language processing, knowledge-based systems, databases, statistics, machine learning and data visualization.

  • You possess a strong understanding of when different machine learning methods/techniques are or are not valid approaches.

  • You have a solid foundation in statistics (you should be familiar with statistical tests, distributions, maximum likelihood estimators, etc.).


  • Background in mathematics, physics, statistics or comparable multivariable calculus and linear algebra

  • Experience with AWS

  • Experience producing client- and consumer-facing data visualizations

  • Experience with messy, ‘real-life’ datasets and data munging

  • Experience working with marketing data


Apply including a resume and a cover letter which summarizes your experience in data science. If available, please also include any relevant projects, papers, notebooks or GitHub repositories that demonstrate your experience.